About Seezona


Seezona is about the people.

Seezona is here to make your online shopping easier. We provide you with content to inspire and give you access to a community of fashion lovers as well as internationally recognized fashion bloggers, to keep up-to-date on the latest trends.

When you see something you like, try it on in our virtual fitting room to see how different fashion items look together. You can even adjust the model with your own body sizes to make it closer to reality. If you click on a specific product, you will be able to either buy it from the store that stocks it, or put it on your wishlist to revisit later. To access your wishlist, you will need a Seezona account, which is very easy to create! By doing so, you gain access to all your saved items, organize them into wishlists across different themes, publish within the community and even share them on social medias to inspire your friends. If you spot something that you fancy in someone else’s wishlist, you will be able to buy all items, add these to your own wishlist but also match them, which will give you similar in different price categories.

Seezona is created by women, for women. In addition to our great features, Seezona also has great people involved. We recognize the needs and wants of our fashion-savvy family, and bring together the right people to make this journey a success. With creative DNA at the core of our existence, we take a holistic approach to deliver what we firmly believe in: completeness. This website was created by those who share your frustration when it comes to online shopping. This is the beginning of a new fashion era.

We would love to hear from you! Contact us at info@seezona.com