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On Seezona we are not currently selling anything directly. However, every time you see something you like, you can “buy from the store”, which will redirect you to our partners’ websites where you can proceed with your payment. To know more about our terms of use, refer to Terms.
Seezona shows currencies in EUR, USD and GBP and adapts the currency based on your location. If you want to change the currency or country displayed, you can easily do so by accessing the upper menu tab dedicated for that. Please note that by changing the country, not all the same products will be available.
When you follow another user or blogger, you will see their latest picks in your personalized feed and receive notifications about their latest actions.


You cannot buy directly on Seezona (yet) so all items that you have seen come from our dear partners and you shop directly on their website. The retailer will then take care of all logistics concerning that purchase from payment, amendments, shipping, returns and customer service. However, we are always happy to help. All you have to do is email us at .
Seezona does not sell anything directly. However, we facilitate your purchase on our retailer partners’ websites. Once you have placed an order, all information about your order will be found on the website you made the purchase from and in their confirmation email sent to you after the placement of your order. We select our partners for their quality of service, so please contact them if you have any questions. If you do not get an answer from the partnering website’s customer service team, please contact us at
To change or to cancel your order is not always feasible. Please contact the customer service team from the website you made your order on. Please make sure to disclose your full name, billing address and order reference number so that they can help you in the most effective way.
Once you have placed your orders on our partnering websites, you will receive a confirmation by email summarizing your order. If an item that you ordered is unavailable, you will receive a notice and no payment will be charged.
Delivery times depend on the store, the shipping type and the location. You will find on each website you order from an estimated time of delivery under their shipping section or when confirming your order.
We try our best to show up-to- date product information, but we do not have access to all information, such as when the item that you want will be back in stock. Make sure to add the product to your wishlist and check it out now and then! Please note that some products might not come back in stock.
Taxes on your purchases depend on the store’s location, your own location and can also be affected by some changes in law. The website you are shopping from will provide you with the exact amount, which will be clearly displayed in your order confirmation email.

Return & Exchange policy

Returns and exchange policies vary based on the store you are buying from. Please check their policies for more detailed information.
When you make an order from one of our partnering e-tailers, their customer service takes care of all your questions and inquiries. Remember to always share your full name, billing address and order number with them to ensure effective treatment of your inquiry. You can contact them on the email provided in their order confirmation email or on their website. If no answer is provided, let us take care of it. Just email us at

Privacy Policy

We are collecting the data that you are providing us about your account as well as the data that we access through cookies. Read more under Privacy.

Your account

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If you cannot register the username that you want, it means that it is already taken. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are sure that you can find a better one. Please note that Seezona related names are available only for Seezona’s official accounts.